Mothers are the best example in the world of selfless love. A love that put’s other people’s needs before themselves. Unconditional and sacrificial. This poem is for all mothers and most especially mine who will always be my hero.

In the morning she would rise
Sometimes at four or just before five
She worked hard as a mule and never complained
And hid it well, her hurt and her pain
But it was in her strength and in her eyes
So deep so wise, ‘You are worth the sacrifice’
Our needs and burdens she bore
‘One day,’ she said, ‘One day you will have more
More than anything you’ve ever dreamed before
You see, I want you to win the prize
Because I love you, you’re worth the sacrifice.’



On the crossroads of my life I stand

Wishing I had a map or a wand

To show me the best path I should take

Because what I know so far seems so vague;

Why couldn’t everything just go as I’d planned