Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star


Author: Nicola Yoon

This story follows Natasha, who is a realist and likes facts and science, and Daniel who is a romantic and a poet who believes in true love and ‘koi no yokan’ which is a sense when you first meet a person that you’ll fall in love. Natasha’s family are undocumented Jamaican immigrants and are to be deported before the day ends. On the other hand, Daniel’s parents are Korean immigrants who have very high expectations of him. On their first encounter, Daniel is determined to make Natasha fall in love with him because he believes that fate has brought them together.

I loved the unique structure of this book as it is told from both the character’s point of view with other short chapters explaining the histories of some of the minor characters or informational chapters e.g ‘Hair: An African American History’. Also, I really liked the headline style beginnings for some of Daniel’s chapters, ‘Local Teen Accepts Destiny, Agrees to Become Doctor, Stereotype’ (:D) Despite this book having the cliche aspect of insta-love (it takes place in one day), it is pretty well written! That and the fact that it deals with some issues that are pretty serious, given current world events, like immigration and racism that often tend to get politicized at the expense of the humans that deal with them everyday.

This was such a great and quick read; very heartwarming and beautiful prose. I would recommend her first book Everything Everything if you enjoyed this one.

There’s a pure kind of joy in the certainty of belief. The certainty that your life has purpose and meaning. That, though your earthly life may be hard, there’s a better place in your future, and God has a plan to get you there.


For most immigrants, moving to the new country is an act of faith. Even if you’ve heard stories of safety, opportunity and prosperity, it’s still a leap to remove yourself from your own language, people and country . Your own history. What if the stories weren’t true? What if you couldn’t adapt? What if you weren’t wanted in the new country?

Rating: ♥♥♥


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