Every single human being, from the day they are born, is always searching for a sense of identity. Always asking the question, ‘Who am I?’ It is why we care about our birth dates, our parents, our siblings, our ethnicity, our ancestry. We feel like they have clues that point to who we are as individuals; our likes and dislikes, our hobbies, our gifts and talents, our behavioural tendencies and sometimes even the reason we exist at all.

Yet even after knowing all these things, we still look for ourselves, so to speak. We try to figure out what unique characteristic we have that makes us different from all the other people walking this earth. We have a constant inner struggle. We want to fit in and stand out at the same time. We are all very complex and layered people. We cannot be defined by one personality trait even though we are always trying to put ourselves and others in a labelled box based on what we think we know about them.

I have come to learn that we are always learning new things about ourselves and we are always changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. We react differently to experiences in life and because of this we cannot claim to be a certain way and put a fullstop.

I have come to learn that what I know about people is what they choose to show or share with me. I cannot authoritatively say I fully know someone, not even my family members. Not even my closest friends. I am glad that someone knows all my complexities, all my different states, my deepest thoughts and fears. It’s only because of Him that I have come to appreciate both myself and others and I have found peace in my continued quest to knowing who I am and what part I play by merely existing.

I love my different states of being!

Ice, Water, Steam


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