Attempt great things.

Be grateful for life’s experiences.

Care for kittens :).

Don’t look down on people.

Encourage whenever you can, wherever you can.

Feed the birds.

Go climb a mountain.

Hug a tree for fun.

Introduce yourself to new flavours of icecream. . . .and life.

Jiggle your keys and sing along.

Keep chasing your dreams.

Learn to appreciate what others do for you.

Make silly faces while taking photos.

Never give up on anybody, even yourself.

Overlook things that do not matter.

Paint stuff.

Question without fear.

Run when you see a reptile. Like crazy.

Smile at strangers.

Take each day as it comes.

Uphold your standards.

Volunteer as much as you can.

Walk away from trouble when you can.

X-ray your life.

Yawn in a room full of people and wait.

Zip it if you’re the one whose wrong.



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