Happy new year!!’ The words we like to shout every time we say goodbye to another 365 days that have earned the right to be called the past. New years, as the name suggests, bring with them new hopes, new dreams, new beginnings. Perhaps a chance to put the things we have learnt into practice. We like to make resolutions, things we hope to achieve before another 365 days lapse. A deadline that will push us to act on our commitments; to learn to play that instrument, to travel to that dream destination, to quit that bad habit, to try out something new, to be a better person. 

It is said that life is what you make it. That you can choose your experiences, create your destiny. Maybe so, because of how uncertain life really is. We plan our lives like we have our tomorrows guaranteed but the truth is that they’re not. We can’t really control what we do not know. In essence, we go to our tomorrows with the knowledge we have acquired so far and hope for the best.

Most people are terrified of change. A shift from the norm; even if the change is good, we go into it with a complicated mix of excitement, eagerness and fear because with change comes unfamiliar territory. So even when we start to chart new waters, we cannot wait for them to become familiar, we strive to learn as much as we can as quickly as we can. And after we have learnt enough, we search again for that complicated mix of excitement, eagerness and fear, something new, something different, something to make us better.

We set new goals, make new plans, strive for higher accomplishments and hope that when tomorrow comes, we will be prepared to start the journey on roads untraveled.


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